Sunday, December 28, 2014

Follow Up at MD Anderson and the Holly Daze

We finally did get the debacle at MD Anderson straightened out.  And they were falling all over themselves with apologies.  That's fine and good, but it still meant another trip there.

We drove down on Monday, and had a day of tests and doctor appointments.  Received some good news too!

They had performed their own tests on the sample taken for biopsy in June.  The results from that in conjuction with the PET scan done in November indicate there is NO DLBCL, contrary to what we had been told for the last few months!

That's fantastic news. 

There still is the follicular lymphoma which has become unresponsive to current treatments, however there are several studies and trials happening that the doctor has submitted the information to.

After the new year we will go back and find out what treatment plan he has come up with and which study we will participate in.

In the meantime, he said he doesn't believer Tex to be in any immediate danger.  He'll feel like crap (and he does), but as soon as we hear back from the studies, we'll head back to MD Anderson for testing and start on the treatments.

We had a fantastic Holiday at our house.  Tex and I got engaged on Christmas Eve!  We are both so excited and happy.  A house full of nieces, kids and grandkids made for a very jolly holiday.

We'll update with wedding planning as it comes about - we're not in any rush, and want to see what this next round of treatments has in store for us!

Wishing you all health and happiness in the New Year!

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