Sunday, July 7, 2013

Missing you my neglected friends!

It has been WAY too long since we've posted an update here -- and I can't apologize enough! Tommy is in his 2nd year of remission and we continue to pray the cancer is gone for good. We're both back at work full time (and then some) now. 

Tommy has also continued his studies and is working on becoming a (non-denominational) Chaplain. I'm so very proud of him and his work to give back all the support and love he received during his cancer treatments. He has found this is a good platform, not only to spread the good word, but also to share experiences, and help the Brothers cope in especially difficult times.

 We're making plans for another milestone... His 50th birthday. Where better for the Chappie than Sin City? Wish us luck!

 Sept 8, Tommy will be leading the prayer for the Central Texas 9/11 Memorial Stair climb in Austin. The Memorial will also be honoring those lost in the West, TX explosion earlier this year. Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to the family and friends of those lost, as well as the community of West as a whole. More information on the Texas FireWalker's Page .  Tommy's son will be participating in the stair climb this year as well.   We encourage you all to come out and show your support.

Our hearts were broken at the news of the 19 firefighter deaths in Prescott, AZ at the Yarnell Fire.  An unbelievable tragedy, and send our deepest sympathies to the families, friends and communities of those lost.

As of this writing, there have already been 63 LODD's  this year in the fire service across the United States. It has been a terribly tragic year for the fire service.  Hoping the rest of the year is safer, and we don't see any more increase in that number.

Hold your loved ones close.

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