Sunday, September 21, 2014

The final stretch

When Chappy Tex got the news back in June that his lymphoma came back and had to go through chemo again, they set him up for 6 sessions.   This past week we had session 4.  We've made it past halfway mark. 

He had a PET scan last week.  The results are on par with the treatment.  They read the scan by the brightness (a contrast dye lights up the cancer cells) and number of locations of the cancer.  It was at about half as bright and half as many locations.  So it is working!!

We have sessions 5 and 6 next month (every 3 weeks).  Then another PET scan.  Then a consultation for the stem cell transplant, to see if that is an option. That will require some travel, and an overnight stay near the cancer treatment center.  If our insurance covers the consultation and transplant.   And a whole lot of praying in between.

The effects of the chemo are cumulative.  The side effects seem to be getting stronger with each session.  The food fight is lessening though.. he eats when he can, and he's not losing weight, so it's good enough.   Would I like to see him eat more nutritiously?  Of course.   But I'm gonna pick and choose my battles, and as long as he is eating SOMETHING, I'm happy.  There is nothing normal about meal times here now.  We eat when we can, and try to have a family meal in the evening.  Sometimes he'll be able to sit with us and eat, other times, he can't.  One thing that I've learned is to try not to take it personally if he doesn't eat what I fix.  Sometimes what smells divine to me while it cooks, can turn his stomach.  His taste buds are still affected as well.  Seems that vinegary, or spicy foods are the best flavors for him to tolerate right now.  Brothy soups are his "go to". Easy on his mouth and stomach, and very little cooking odor.

We've learned to embrace the week or so before his treatments, since he is feeling better.  He's able to sleep somewhat normal by then, and has a bit of his energy back. 

 Can't help but feel gratitude this morning.  Hope.   We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It's not over, and it very well may be that the greatest challenges lay ahead.  The transplant process is not easy for the recipient, and definitely not without risks.  And there's nothing saying a donor match will be available right away.  But with just one more month of the initial treatments - He'll be feeling better by the time the Holidays come around.

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