Friday, August 29, 2014

And the hits just keep on comin'....

Nothing can ever go easy.  I think it's an actual law of physics at this point.  Just as we're getting settled into the routine, something has to come along and mess with it.

This round of chemo went a little differently.  They are having a hard time getting one of the drugs on time.  So they started on the other 3 first, and then while we were there, they got the shipment they needed.  Thankfully.   But something about the change in order has made it a little harder on Tommy this time, nausea and fatigue is worse.

Wednesday, on our way in to get is Nulasta shot, we got rear ended.  It wasn't a bad wreck by any means, but it was one hell of a jolt. Especially since we were at a complete stop at a red light.   Tommy ended up getting a ride to the hospital from the local EMS -  the seat belt compressed against his port -  he was in agony.  And we needed to make sure the port and the vein didn't suffer any damage.  The X rays came back clear, thank God, no damage, no internal bleeding.   But it's still a whole new world of pain.

Both of us are still pretty dang sore though.  He's got the double whammy of the pain from the shot and the soreness and stiffness from the hit.  Thankful the guy that hit us has insurance -- more thankful that it's the same carrier I have - hoping that makes it easy enough.  

He's back at the doctor today with sore back, neck and headache. I know I'll have to make some time somewhere to go in, the twinges in my back aren't getting any better and the Alleve isn't working as good as it did the first couple days.  Now just to find the time to do that...

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