Friday, November 20, 2015

Finally an update

It's been way too long. Life has been way too crazy.  Here's what we last found out.

He's responding to treatments - there is a reduction in the size of the tumors in the lymphnodes, based on the CT scan done to date.  He has another one scheduled the first week of December.

December 14th will be the last treatment in the study at MD Anderson, and his last infusion of the ublituximab - that being said, he will continue on the trial medication afterward- 

The Dr. at MD Anderson says he expects to see remission some time around April.  He'll have a PET scan done sometime around then. 

All the treatments and drugs he's been on has caused some other side effects.  He's dealing with hormonal imbalances now, and trying to get the doctors and insurance to understand that it is affecting his quality of life in all aspects has proven difficult.  He isn't sleeping well, and that is a direct result of the hormones being out of whack.  It's the little nuances that cancer and treatments affect that are proving to be the difficult parts to handle and treat.

With the medications, and lack of sleep his cognitive abilities continue to be an issue.  We were released from the neurology section of MD Anderson with them saying there wasn't anything they could do about it.  Wasn't expecting a team of that caliber to basically say "suck it up buttercup" without anything more being offered.  Disappointed yet again.

However a lot to be thankful for this year -  the treatments are working.   His results have been included in many different presentations to the worldwide onocological stage.  Now to just get through the next one and get a handle on the different side effects.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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