Friday, January 20, 2012

Life By the Drop

 Hello my old friend, not long ago it was till the mind is aching, Lord it won't stop...that's how it is livin' by the drop. Some words by Stevie Ray Vaughn that came to me as I sit and get my Chemo drugs today. The drip of the IV can be a little hypnotic at times or is it the Benadryl? Either way I get about six hours of time to myself to reflect, think and give my mind a break from everyday life. Ya, I am surrounded by people in various stages of their treatments and I can honestly say I have been there and done that. At times I feel that old feeling of callousness for lack of a better word creeping back in my life. As I did on so many calls that I prefer not to remember, there are times here I look around and take my mind someplace else. I then step back and start to remember that this is not what I want or how I should act. People are scared here and they need and want answers. The call for help has been made and someone needs to answer once again, I place myself "back in service".This post is a little late and I want to apologize to all that have been following. I need a kick in the ass or just knowing that this might be reaching someone, up, what can I do?

Today is the second to last treatment for me and it is time to start planning where I will be going from here. I am still faced with having blood draws, scans and quarterly meetings with my Doc. I do need to some thinking about how I can start giving back to those that are in need

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