Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chemo, The Hell Days and The Cebu

How can I best describe the days of going through Chemotherapy? Well it is something I know is working and I also know I am in for a few days of Hell. Before we go any further, some of you are probably asking, what is a cebu? We'll get to that in a bit, trust me.

Along with the cancer cells that chemo kills, it also kills off good cells too. There are also the residual effects that go along with it that can and can't be seen. I can't begin to tell you how many times I get asked why I have not lost my hair. Chemo affects different people in different ways and the things it does to me are not visible on the outside. On the inside, I am an emotional wreck due to the steroids that I am given. I received my treatment this past Monday and Tuesday and finally by Saturday I was able to get some "real" sleep. The combination of lack of sleep and the drugs left me in an emotional whirlpool. I would laugh and then cry for no apparent about feelin like you are going nuts, wow. I never have had this last as long as it has this time and can only think it has to be due to my overall health getting better. At my next visit with my Oncologist this will be first and foremost on my list of questions to ask him!! I am still dealing with the issues with my surgery and have been prescribed a number of drugs to try and combat this. The constant nagging pain in my ribs has started to subside, but the numbness is still there from the inscion site to my abdomen. I guess with time this too shall pass.

One thing happened this week that I feel I must share with you. I have no idea what goes through the minds of the braniacs at my insurance company. Before I rip them a new one, I also have to thank them for providing the best Doctors and staff here in Central Texas. So here is what happened that just blew me away. As stated, I have tried a litany of pain killers and a nerve blocker (Gabapentin). Since I was having such an issue sleeping, I talked to my Dr. about a sleep- aid. I do not and will not take any over the counter medication or herbal supplement without checking first. That being said, I was given a prescription for Ambien and was off to the local pharmacy. Here is where my problem with the insurance company began. They were more than happy to fill scripts for heavy duty pain meds, but balked at covering the sleep-aid. I was floored to say the least and by that time the Clinic was closed so I had no choice but to go home aggravated and tired. The hundred degree weather also was not helping my mood. The next day I was back at the Clinic and not in a very good mood. I had no reason to be mad at them and they got on the phone with the pharmacy and then the insurance company and finally the script was okayed. Long story short, I have given up on the drugs and will only take them if I just can't deal with the pain.

Sitting in my apartment in South Austin can get a bit boring. Armed with a TV (which I despise), a cell phone and lap top to keep me connected with the world my life goes on. Oh, I do have my fish tanks, a tarantula (free to a good home) and my two cats Sammy and Merle. The cats have now gotten the title of "Battalion Chiefs" since they more or less run the show here. Somehow they have negotiated better working conditions than most unions have, but it's all good. They seem to know when I am feeling down and for the price of a clean litter box, some kibble and canned food are well worth it. The cell phone keeps me in touch with my family (which I will be ever grateful to), a very special person who keeps me sane and the Drs., insurance companies, etc. The lap top and internet give me an out at all times of the day and night. Having made friends world wide is a blessing. Time zones don't exsist and I am thankful for friends in Spain, Ireland, Scotland, New Zeland and just about every other continent and time zone there is. I also have made friends from New York, Pennsylvania, Florida to California and all points between. Thank you gentlemen and ladies, without you I would be lost. This Fourth of July weekend I would ask all of you to remember and think of those that serve and have served in Our Military. Without them we would not have the freedoms we have today. THANK YOU!!

Now, the Cebu. First you have been warned, there is a pretty "catchy" little tune and I don't want to hear it if you find yourself humming along or getting it stuck in your head. I really want to thank my best friend for introducing me to this, since I laughed for a long time and still do when I hear it. So, this is a story about a boy, a sick cebu, a sad cebu and a mute cebu. I later learned from my kids that this was made to teach kids lessons about religion. Sorry, I just related to the boy and the cebus. I dare ya, click on the link and enjoy . As always, Take Care, Be Safe and Never Forget. This weekend, Thank a Vetran, thanks.

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