Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A time to think, how can I help?

I started fighting fires in 1980. I was a young cocky Irish/Italian kid in Upstate NY. I trained hard, never backed down, had some FDNY guys in my Dept. and I was hooked. All us young guys wanted to be like them...we watched, we learned and then a few got the chance. "Wanna ride out in the City?"..Hell yeah.  I rose to the rank of Lt. in the Rescue, then moved to Texas. First off, a Leather Helmet was foriegn here in Austin at the time. What the Hell, I saw a bunch of cows? My time here lasted a few years and after 8 years I was out.. Not by choice, more of location and a young family. I still kept listening via scanner, carried my gear and rescue kit. Helped where I could. Years and time pass and in Nov 2010..diagnosed with lymphoma....I lost my Dad almost two years prior to cancer. My mind went through so many emotions, I thought I was going nuts. I started reliving my life, the goods, the bads, the uglies. Then the doubts came from the job...the what ifs. could I have saved him/her?..did I make the right call?. As I changed my life due to cancer, better diet, exercise, healthier living. It was time to give back. I fought fires and beat them..I can fight cancer. I am going through chemo and was at the clinic today. I have taken my knowledge and ability to deal with bad situations and used them to help others. You know what, the feeling of being helpful to the community has returned. I sit and talk to others that are lonley, have no family or just have given up. All I can ask is use your skills, you were trained to help. You never forget that..Being a FF is not a job, its a life...Never Forget. And remember those that gave the ultimate sacrafice.

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