Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Best Medicine Money Can't Buy

Going through my monthly trial of chemo can take it's toll on a me both physically and emotionally. The cocktail of drugs is a both a blessing and a curse.

I have stated in the past how the steroids will drive you crazy, keep you up to the point of total exhaustion and push your emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. I know this and it still pisses me off to no end. I can go from laughing to crying at the drop of a hat and not know why; I have tried (with zero results) to find a remedy to no avail. My brain seems to be in a sensory overload phase where even a word, a song or a picture can stir memories that I would like to forget.

I consider myself to be very fortunate in knowing that my cancer is in remission, but then feel sad for those that are not. I can not even begin to tell you how much my family and friends have become some of the best therapy money can't buy. My closest friends are some folks that I have never met face to face, but without them I would be lost. To them I am eternally grateful and I also know that some day I will get the chance to give them the hugs that I owe them for what they have done for me. I am also blessed with a very loving family, that may be spread apart by miles, but not by the love they have shown me.

Then there are my kids and their spouses..I could not be prouder of them if I tried. Then there are the two most beautiful, care free little girls that I love with all my heart and soul, my granddaughters. Neither one is old enough to understand what I am going through and I am glad. I got to see them both today and talk about a moral booster. When I saw the younger of the two and kissed her on her cheek, I guess my moustache must have tickled her because she smiled and laughed. Talk about making me smile, wow..gotta love it!

Now, the other one is starting to become a little "lady" at the ripe old age of ohhh, seventeen months. Well, Pops (me) got lucky and won tickets to the circus!! Little Miss Priss, her dad, mom and I enjoyed a nice dinner together at an Italian Restaurant, where let's just say the pasta got tossed around more than the salad, (She has a good arm for her small size).

Then it was off to the circus and I was hoping that the lights, sounds and animals would be something she would enjoy. She did not let me down. She clapped, smiled and pointed at the different things that she saw from the time we walked in the door. I for one was pointing at the ridiculous prices of the souvenirs that they were hocking. I took a picture of her and my son looking at the stuffed "kitties" at $23 and the snow cones that ranged from $8- $12, depending on the cup!! Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I sent the picture to some friends and family via my phone. A couple of responses back included one from my brother who asked, " Yikes, are you at the circus or at Tiffany &Co.?" and from a close friend, "better be a damn good snow cone". Needless to say, nothing was purchased. Once the show started, I enjoyed watching her small eyes try to take in all of the action. To me, that was better than anything that was going on in the ring. We made it to about intermission and then she started to get tired and restless and we knew the show was over for us. At that point I really didn't care since this little girl had given me a night of enjoyment and fun.

I also need to mention that come this winter she will have a little sister joining us and then there will be three little girls for me to love. I may be dealing with some crap in my life, but I think I am one of the luckiest guys around.....Till next time, be thankful for the little ones in our lives, they can give us the greatest rewards....

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